CougarD Dating App Review

Our Honest Review of CougarD: A Dream For Cougar Lovers or Just a Scam?

by John Santana

On the internet, there are not a lot of places supporting cougar dating. The stigma around it certainly does not make it easier. CougarD is one of the few online dating sites dedicated to this niche.

Seeing dating apps like CougarD may be like finding water sources in a desert. You can’t wait to jump in it. But before you do that, just how good is this site? Is it a scam? Will you actually find cougar dates on it?

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CougarD At a Glance

First impression: 5/10
Signup and searching: 4/10
Matching and messaging: 4/10
Profile quality: 2/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 3.4/10

Final verdict: Want our expert opinion without reading through the entire review? After carefully experimenting with CougarD, we regret to tell you that it is a total scam.

The app hires fake operators to trap innocent men into upgrading their membership plans. When you sign up, you will get a dozen of messages from hot profiles. They keep you entertained until you upgrade the plan.

Then, they all disappear. To make matters worse, its search engine is complete garbage and can only filter out the most basic requirements. Nothing is sufficient to help with your dating experience.

Stay away from CougarD. It is not worth a dime spent on it. The absence of a free trial forces people to pay before they can try it. You should not waste your money here. There are other excellent cougar dating apps like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals where you can find a friendly crowd.

CougarD in-depth Review

First Impression

Initially, the position of CougarD comes off as a little confusing. Even if you go through their entire website, you still can’t figure out whether the app is for serious or casual dating or both. The vibe it gives is very 50/50.

On the website, it claims to be the No.1 dating app for older women dating. While this claim is yet to be verified with strong competitors like Ashley Madison, CougarD’s confidence surely reflects some level of competence.

You have to download the app to know how everything works. There is no detailed introduction on their website. Perhaps that is the trick to get users to hop on the app. However, when you are redirected to Google Play or App Store, you are immediately greeted by thousands of negative comments. People don’t have good things to say about this dating app.

There are occasional comments praising the app for finding them the best young studs in town but most of them are complaining about the fake profiles. This does not look good on CougarD and could drive users right away.

The first impression is not the best. Users would be skeptical about installing the app. Besides, there are comments about being overcharged by the app. That is a big nightmare for members.

First Impression: 5/10

Signup And Searching

There is no ID verification whatsoever. Signing up on CougarD is the easiest thing. It takes less than two minutes. Anyone can signup without providing much personal information. It looks good if you are looking for quick matches but it poses tremendous security threats to users.

Criminals love exploiting unmanned apps to find victims. A dating app without a verification step is the best place to start. It is a bad sign as you can almost visualize the harassment you will receive from scammers.

Once you are on CougarD in no time, you can start looking for matches. The most important thing on the app is obviously the cougars. You can set the age according to your preference with some personality and physical traits. Advanced search is only available to premium members.

The search grid seems to be another chaos. Results are not systematically organized. The profiles you see make no sense and some of them do not align with your requirements at all. CougarD has a long way to go to perfect its search engine.

Signup and Searching: 4/10

Matching And Messaging

Whether you are a cougar or a young man, CougarD is liberating because you can embrace your true self. However, matching on CourgarD is more difficult than you have ever imagined. You can message and respond to message requests but the notifications are always delayed. Unless you are on the app 24/7, you will miss a message here and there.

If only CougarD had a system as mature as its members, its quality would be much higher. Users are often getting fake messages from the same scammers. Even if you report the profile, the site does not investigate or remove the account. It gets increasingly annoying as you spend more time on the app.

Over a few days, you will likely only get one or two genuine message requests. Everything else is either sketchy or bots. Besides, the chatroom fails users all the time with messages not appearing or the entire chat disappearing.

Matching And Messaging: 4/10

Profile Quality

Seeing so many fake operators on the supposed No.1 cougar dating app is a slap in the face for CougarD. There are likely more fake operators than real daters on the app. Their main goal is to get innocent boys to pay a membership fee. Naive daters pay thinking they are about to find love here when they are being lured into a bigger trap.

It is easy to tell fake operators from genuine users. You will likely get several message requests instantly upon registration. There is no way your account is out there so quickly. These accounts must be fake.

Then, it is suspicious when someone replies to you immediately every time. They seem to have all the time in the world. A real cougar is often busy with her own businesses. She hardly has time to stay connected, let alone jump on you the moment you send a message. If someone is waiting for your messages like they have nothing better to do, they are probably hired to talk to you.

Even when you are lucky enough to find real cougars, you still have to compete with other good-looking boys. There are so few legit cougars that meeting one in person is next to impossible.

Also, despite the app’s AI working to find compatible matches, you will find members very diverse in a bad way. There are a few elegant cougars. Most of them act as if they have never seen younger boys before and even treat you like a man toy. It can be a degrading feeling.

Besides, it is common to encounter cougars who believe they are better because they are older and think they can buy you up with the money. This is not what cougar dating is about. CougarD has gone off the rail on this. Other than actually having mature women on the app, there is nothing much to praise about its member base.

Profile Quality: 2/10


There is no free trial on CougarD, not even limited features for free members to try. If you want to be part of the community, you must subscribe. It is not user-friendly to leave out the free trial but it soon becomes apparent why. If there is a free trial, no one will ever sign up for the real thing.

The one-month, three-month, and six-month membership plans cost $30 per month, $28 per month, and $23 per month, respectively. Its pricing strategy is rather aggressive for an average dating app.

With the premium package, you can send unlimited messages, match with all members anytime, unlock statistics and insights, see who has viewed your profile, etc. None of these features can be described as original but they do boost your success rate.

Sadly, $23 per month is way too expensive for an app of this quality. Members are looking to see their money going down the drain without getting any real dates. Since CougarD is also muddling the water with fake operators, it further wastes users’ time interacting with them.

There are international dating apps charging a fraction of what CougarD is charging with significantly better services. It would be hard to justify the features at this price point. Users are better off elsewhere.

Pricing: 2/10

Alternatives To CougarD

CougarD is a big letdown. Finding the right dating app is a trial-and-error process. Going through reviews can eliminate your chances of signing up on scam sites. Still, you need to try out several highly recommended sites to see which one works best for you.

That’s why you should expand your reach first by signing up on multiple apps. Then, you can compare the match results and choose one to stick with.

In terms of cougar dating, here are the top-three dating platforms in this niche.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo

First, Adult FriendFinder. Sitting with 90 million members, Adult FriendFinder is the largest online dating site in America. Millions of cougars are waiting for their young love to revolutionize their dating world.

Its advanced settings allow you to pinpoint all specific requirements you seek. From education to salary, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Cougars here are funny, easy-going, and youthful by heart. They are not intimidating at all. You will have a lovely time and discover their tame side. Deep down, there is a little girl in every cougar longing for love.

Try Adult Friend Finder

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

The second one is Ashley Madison. Initially used as an affair-seeking app, the taboo dating app is now a paradise for all niches. Cougars love hanging around Ashley Madison as it is judgment-free. Discrimination is strongly punished. Members can freely go for the dating style they want. You can share your experience and opinions on cougar dating.

Besides, Ashley Madison is known for its top-notch privacy. In general, cougars want to maintain a low profile as they are successful people. They don’t want their dating lives to come back as office gossip. Hence, there is no better choice than this female-oriented dating app.

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Bang Locals

bang locals

Finally, Bang Locals. The name has probably given it away. This is not the place for permanent love but it is where you go to have fun. If you are looking for a casual cougar relationship, this is the place to be. Cougars here are only after sex. Take them out for a nice dinner before feeding them the good stuff at home.

Members are humorous and love a good laugh. Nudity is more than welcome. You are free to express yourself however you want. Everyone is supportive. You will not find condescending people ruining your day by making you feel bad for dating a cougar.

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Don’t be discouraged in your cougar-hunting trip. CougarD is not the right choice for daters. Now that you know there are more options, you will find your cougar on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

John Santana

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