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5 Best Catholic Dating Sites & Apps: Find Your Dream Partner

by John Santana

Finding someone with the same faith is a top requirement for many daters. Sadly, there are not a lot of quality channels in real life for you to mingle with other Catholics without costing a lot of money.

Romance can be everywhere. Online dating sites are the best places to find your Catholic dates. Check out these top Catholic dating sites to find your true love.

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Best Catholic Dating Sites (2023 Update)

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Over 90 million members
  • Religion filters are enabled to find your Catholic soulmate
  • Members are well-mannered and educated


  • It is a very modern dating site so some Catholic members are looking for hookups rather than a stable relationship

Adult FriendFinder is one of the largest Catholic dating sites at the moment. Among its 90 million members, millions of Catholics reside all across the country. With a big network, you can be specific about other qualities you are looking for.

There are advanced filters to screen out profiles based on religion, education level, marital status, and more. Even though you are focusing on finding a Catholic partner, you don’t have to sacrifice other demands because Adult FriendFinder gives the most comprehensive coverage in searches.

Catholic members here are well-educated with a passion for meeting new people. They love getting inspired by your stories. People often make genuine friends here even if the friendship does not evolve into romance.

Since Adult FriendFinder is a modern dating site, Catholic dating is not as conservative as you might expect. It offers a channel for Catholic members to hook up and get laid. Granted, it might not be well-liked by those looking for traditional Catholic dating. But this refreshing aspect aligns with how open-minded society has become.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Nudity is allowed
  • The entire community is supportive
  • Allows members to explore sexual fetishes


  • Fake profiles

In the Catholic dating community, sex before marriage is not always widely accepted. If you have a more open-minded stance on this, you may be rejected from some Catholic dating platforms.

Ashley Madison provides an outlet for those looking for a getaway. It is a place to unleash your raw sexuality. Here, you will not be judged because of your religion. Nudity is allowed and encouraged to embrace a different side of yourself.

People are extremely supportive of your choices. Other Catholics will not be a prude to tell you the right thing to do. You can truly explore your likes and dislikes with them. Sexual fetishes are another taboo for Catholics. Sex is not publicly discussed, leading to many having the wrong idea about some sex stuff.

Since Ashley Madison enforces privacy protection for users, it can be hard to identify genuine users at times. Some users prefer to use an alias as a disguise to keep a low profile.

While the intention is innocuous, it does put others at risk due to the lack of transparency. Also, this gives greater chance for fake profiles to slip through. Users have to be mindful of the details they give to matches.

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3. eHarmony



  • Detailed compatibility test for matching algorithm
  • Perfect for marriage and long-term relationships
  • Profiles are authenticated and real


  • Expensive

eHarmony claims to have created half a million marriages in the USA. Its unique compatibility algorithm eliminates all the pre-existing marital problems, delivering only matching results.

When you first sign up, you have to answer over 150 questions for the system to learn your preferences. You will be asked what profiles seem the most attractive and what your priority is in finding a partner.

Based on the result, the system will only present compatible matches in your search. eHarmony is proud of its compatibility test and its high success rate. It is an ideal platform for finding your future spouse.

The lengthy registration process deters any casual daters so you are guaranteed to find serious daters here. Besides, to future protect users’ welfare, each profile is vetted upon registration. The existence of fake profiles is kept to a minimum.

The high-quality service comes with an expensive price tag. eHarmony averages $30 per month for membership fees. It is a steep hill to climb to meet your soulmate. Compared to other dating sites on this list, its charges are undeniably the highest.

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4. Catholic Match

Catholic Match dating App


  • Exclusive to Catholic dating
  • Ideal for those with more traditional Catholic values
  • Regular post updates and group events


  • Members are not very active

Catholic Match is one of the few exclusive Catholic dating sites that stands out. Most religious dating sites are poorly managed with lots of disappointing elements. Catholic Match requires users to identify as a Catholic to proceed, indicating their commitment to meet other Catholics.

The entire site follows more traditional dating footsteps. It does not encourage casual dating, nor does it condone hookups. Members are constantly being reminded that this is the place to find love among pure souls. It is a great platform to meet an innocent partner for marriage.

Occasionally, the site hosts several virtual group events. These events are mostly related to religion, which lets users bond over their mutual beliefs. There are also regular blog post updates on the latest Catholic dating news. The blog posts teach you all about dating a Catholic and how to work on your relationship when things do not go as planned.

As you can imagine, traditional Catholic-dating sites might not yield a large audience base as the most conservative Catholics still refuse to use technology to find dates. Modern Catholics will think traditional dating sites to be outdated. Hence, Catholic Match positions itself awkwardly in the middle, not catering to either side’s needs, resulting in a low activity level on the platform.

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5. Catholic Chemistry

Catholic Chemistry


  • Cater to mature and well-off daters
  • Well-managed to cultivate a healthy matching atmosphere
  • Great for making friends as well


  • Small user base, especially in smaller states

Catholic Chemistry is a professional platform to connect mature Catholics ready to settle. Its members are professionals or entrepreneurs fed up with living their awesome life alone. They are here to find a partner to share the good moments with.

Since most members are over 30, the entire community feels mature. The atmosphere is sophisticated, which is important for many. Catholic Chemistry regularly updates its features and handles complaints to cultivate a healthy environment. People are friendly.

You don’t have to be strictly looking for dates here. It allows you to simply mingle with other Catholics in town. Friendships are formed here. People are satisfied with finding other caring Catholics to share their hobbies and lifestyles with.

As predicted, a niche-specific dating site often has the risk of not having enough members to match with. This is exactly the case with Catholic Chemistry. Its members are heavily concentrated in some states whereas it almost shows zero member activity in other states. How well the site will work for you depends on your location.

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Tips When You Are Dating a Catholic


1. Understand Their Attitude Toward Sex

Every Catholic will have their own opinions on this matter. Some believe faith and physical intimacy should be separated while others believe it should be strictly reserved for marriage. It is important to find out your partner’s attitude as soon as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, if you meet your partner through a casual dating site, they are likely to be fine with having casual sex. But if you meet them through a serious dating site, you have to find out their intentions without offending them. Not sharing the same opinion on this is not necessarily a dealbreaker. However, you should think wisely about how to compromise or how doable it is.

2. Decide How Much Information To Share

Again, it depends on how traditional your partner is. Despite honesty being the top priority in every relationship, oversharing about your past may not be in your favor sometimes. Some conservative Catholics do tend to judge your character based on your past behaviors. They do not only see you as you are now.

Therefore, any foul act or indecent behavior may lead them to believe you are not a great partner. For example, any involvement with prostitution or a married person in your dating history is not just a mistake. They may think this is unacceptable even though it happened a decade ago. So, you might want to choose exactly what information to share.

3. Think About The Future

Catholics are naturally loyal to their partner. When they are dating, they do not only focus on the present. Thinking ahead about the future is essential. They want to know where you see yourself in five years and where this relationship is going.

Don’t give promises you can’t fulfill. Tell them the truth so they can also decide how well you fit together. Make it clear how serious you are about being together. Your words and action have to match.

4. Meeting The Parents Is a Big Deal

Remember, Catholics do not bring a casual date home to their parents. You don’t hang out as if you are friends. Bringing someone over is a big deal. It shows commitment. It is an unwritten rule of being exclusive in Catholic dating.

You should only bring your partner to your parents or attend any family gatherings if you both believe the other person to be your future spouse. Otherwise, it could be quite detrimental when you break up.

5. Find a Balance If You Have Different Practices

Not all Catholics attend services every week or do community services. Some are more lowkey with their faith. It may be surprising, but a large number of Catholics don’t quite believe in praying every day. They only do it when they feel like it. It is not a routine they have to follow.

Modern-day Catholics are balancing religion with their personal lives, which can come as a conflict with their partner. If your partner practices it more religiously than you, let’s not panic.

Finding ways to mend things is necessary. No one should ever force their partner to practice a religion exactly the way they do. Having mutual respect is the best way to go around it. They can do it however they want, and so can you.

6. Discuss Your Plans For Raising Your Children

Do you want to raise your future children Catholics or do you want religious freedom for them? Some parents believe intensely that children should be free to explore their religions so they do not feel pressured into anything. Others strictly want their kids to be Catholics.

Coming up with an approach before the relationship goes further saves you from a lot of arguments in the future. Kid you not, having different opinions on this has broken couples up. You have to know you see this matter eye to eye or one side is willing to compromise before anything proceeds.

How Fast Should The Relationship Go?

In general, due to their serious attitude toward dating, relationships don’t progress as fast. Your Catholic date will take the time to observe your character. They are unlikely to suggest moving in after just a few months of dating.

That said, there is no concrete rule detailing what you should be doing in which month. You can let your partner set the tone if you are chill about it. They might have a stronger opinion on how things should go.

Setting expectations straight help both sides. You should discuss with your partner how comfortable they will be moving things forward and how they perceive the relationship. Getting their opinion on it will set some important milestones in your relationship. You will know when to expect the next stage to happen.

Usually, Catholics tend to date for a few years before they get married. The sanctity of marriage should never be broken. Getting a divorce is not really on the table. That’s why they would much prefer to spend a few years getting to know you before tying the knot.

Then, they almost immediately want to have kids straight away. Starting a happy family is always a lovely image. It is embedded in them to be nurturing. They love raising a family together.

How To Make Things More Interesting In Bed?

Couple Having Tea

Unfortunately, sex is not a popular topic they would like to discuss. In fact, Catholics can be notoriously repetitive in their preferred sex routine. Getting together in bed can be boring. They are not terribly adventurous with new sex moves and tricks. So, you will have to be the one to introduce new trends to them.

Start easy by watching some porn together. It is a great way to learn from the videos and decide what turns you on. You can both learn about your body much better. Once you have narrowed down a few possible kinks to try, get the necessary toys.

Don’t jump right in as it can be frightening for your partner. Dial it down and start by doing segments of it. For example, even the simplest thing, like anal, can be excruciating for your partner. And you don’t want this to be a horrible experience for them.

Give it multiple tries as it might not work immediately. There are times when this will take several tries. Don’t give up because it takes patience. Eventually, your partner will love exploring new tricks to make things spicier in bed.


A Catholic partner understands everything you value and stand up for. Despite having millions of them out there, it is not the same when you want one as a life partner. These best Catholic dating sites are unique in their own ways to find you a partner that is compatible in every department.

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John Santana

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