8 Best Tall People Dating Sites for Big Guys

Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Undeniably, having a knight-size body is a double-edged blade in the dating world. Some girls find you irresistible while others think you are way above average. You might also have your own preference when it comes to dating. Probably you would prefer a tall girl as well.

For a tall guy, finding a date is not as easy as going into a pub. It would be fantastic to know where to look for dates that would be head over heels with your 6’ height and compliment you. Thanks to the internet, there are many online platforms that you can use to connect with girls that adore your physical traits.

Not all online dating platforms are good for tall guys, some are more specific to your needs while others cater to ordinary people. To find girls according to your needs, you need to know what dating sites other tall guys are using and what is working.

Your best chance of finding your soulmate or a casual date lies among these sites the most suitable for tall guys.

8 Best Dating Sites for Big and Tall Guys (2021 Update)

1. eHarmony


  • Simple registration process
  • Easy to navigate
  • Minimal ads


  • Limited features
  • Not for the mature group

Another dating site for tall guys on the rise is eHarmony, a site that takes literally 10 minutes to sign up. The entire site is designed to get users to start chatting as soon as possible. There are very few ads and site navigation is easy.

A list of profiles is displayed and users get to send a smile and interact with matches. To help you understand your match better, eHarmony gives you a glimpse of random questions that your match has previously answered. These questions can relate to their food preferences, childhood memories, hobbies, dating expectations, etc.

This is a very thoughtful and lovely feature to allow users to get to know their date before they meet. However, eHarmony does not cater too well to the mature group. Its interface attracts the youthful population and most people are looking for someone in their age group.

Also, eHarmony actually offers limited features compared to other big dating sites. You will not be impressed with their regular features. You might find your time to be better rewarded on other sites.

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2. Bumble


  • Smooth interface
  • More female members than males
  • Matches are shown according to compatibility


  • Age range is heavily skewed towards the young population
  • More for hookup only

Bumble is taking over the world with its kickass interface and easy settings. The signup process is quick. You can start matching within 15 minutes.

For tall guys, Bumble is a great hunting ground as there are plenty of fun-loving girls looking for a guy to party with. Many young and adventurous girls are looking for men to take them on a wild ride, creating an advantage for men. Girls do not have to write on their profile specifically that they are searching for tall men.

Through their match history and search records, the system will know what kind of guys they are interested in and identify the qualities in the matches. They will be shown profiles of tall guys if the system suggests that to be their type. A strong search engine makes it much more efficient to connect with your potential love.

However, depending on your target age group and your age, most users on Bumble are on the younger end of the spectrum. Many of them are university students or young professionals looking for another lively soul. If you belong to the mature group, you may find Bumble a little dry.

Besides, you are likely to find those no-string attached relationships on Bumble rather than serious ones as it is popularly used as a hookup site.

3. OkCupid


  • Very accepting towards different sexual preferences
  • Advanced matches according to personalities and compatibilities
  • Emphasize deeper connections and relationships


  • Takes time and effort to build up a presence to be shown in searches

As the name suggests, OKCupid is here to connect you to your love. Everything is about love and having that deeper bond with that someone special. A lot of girls want to find their Mr. Right on it and you will less likely come across girls that want only something casual.

The profile display is designed to best showcase your characteristics. It matters to the members what makes you unique. Unlike other platforms where you are connecting with someone because of their physical traits, on OkCupid, you are matching because you see a quality that you would want in a partner.

Even before you go on your first date, you will have a pretty good understanding of the person since the profile stresses the importance of personalities.

You will find the one special girl with their systematic search engine that generates the best matches for you.

4. Tall Singles


  • Specifically for tall people
  • Various search filters for your requirements
  • Fast site speed


  • A limited number of users
  • Lack of extensive features

What is a better place to look than a dating site called Tall Singles? To join as a member, you need to be at least 6’2 for men and 5’9 for girls. This is the greatest invention for tall people. You will only match with someone with similar physical attributes. Finally, you don’t have to bend over just to have a conversation.

The site includes all the basic features like matching with other profiles and starting a chat. While all the features are simple, they are well-maintained and offer a high-quality experience for users.

Unfortunately, there are only 10,000 registered members. The pool is very small so quite likely that those you match with are in another state. It will take a lot of effort to find someone with a lack of profiles available.

Also, since many of the features Tall Singles offers are so basic, members often jump off the platform to continue the conversation. There is not a good enough reason for members to stay on the platform.

If Tall Singles truly wants to get into the tall people market, there is serious work needed to upgrade its premium features to attract more members.

5. Tall Friends


  • Specially designed to match tall people
  • Straightforward to use
  • Great for dating, friendship and relationships


  • Doesn’t define what is ‘tall’

A site tailored to tall people, Tall Friends is a welcoming community that celebrates your characteristics. Although the site doesn’t define what tall is exactly, it pledges to bring tall beautiful women together with tall beautiful men. And it has been doing it successfully for over 20 years.

You can sign up for free and add public and private photos. You can search for matches across different states, send winks and receive messages. To initiate chats though, you do have to upgrade to the premium version which is worth bearing in mind before signing up.

The user base is limited and is not yet in every country, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find your sky-high match made in heaven.

6. Tall Connections


  • Another tailor-made tall app
  • Open to all preferences and sexualities
  • Free features available


  • Limited free features

If you are tall and struggle to find a date, or perhaps just love the idea of finding another tall mate to have fun with, Tall Connections could be for you. It brings together a community of tall people and is open and welcoming.

It also allows you to set your sexual preference choice to gay, straight, biesexual etc. This means it is a good choice and a big help for finding a date in the tall-queer community. The site is easy to use and there are many free features available such as creating a profile, sending likes, winks as well as responding to and favoriting people you like.

You need to upgrade to the paid plan if you want to reach out first which is a downside. However, it is worth the price for tall men searching for tall partners too.

7. Bang Locals


  • Generate the best matches with strong filters
  • Filtered by geographical location
  • Users are diverse
  • Few ads


  • The design is rigid and needs an update

Who doesn’t want a date so close by that you can simply relax after work and have a drink in the neighborhood? Bang Locals is here to save all the tall guys from having a long trip just to meet new girls.

Its search engine is one of the most powerful on the market, perfectly distilling down girls in proximity. Users can search for a specific street and set the search to within the radius of their choice.

User profiles are diverse on this trending dating site. You will find all sorts of girls with various interests and requirements. Many of them are looking for guys that are at least 5’11. You do not have to manually scroll down every profile to get to the ones that will find you attractive.

The system locates wordings in the profile that indicate a high possibility of the match and you will be presented with a list of profiles with the highest success rate. You will be presented with a list of girls who will likely date you.

The search function on Bang Locals is probably the strongest and most systematic that you will find online. Members love how the profiles are always similar to what they are looking for. Besides, there are very few ads to interrupt your experience, which is a big plus considering how many online dating sites are spammed with countless ads.

Ad revenue is the main source of income for many sites. Therefore, you will come across many unwanted ads on other sites, as unfortunately for users as it might be. Bang Locals try to lift the experience by tightly controlling the ads it displays.

Being nearly perfect does not mean there is nothing that Bang Locals can improve on. For a hot pick in 2021, Bang Locals’ web design is stuck in the mid-2000s. Its rigid interface feels like it has not been updated since 2010.

This is a major setback as it gives off a feeling that the site is not well-run and it has not been active, both of which are not true. If Bang Locals could invest half of the effort as they did with the search functions, the site will be the perfect dream for all.

8. Adult FriendFinder


  • Large user pool
  • Premium features like video chat, group call, blog posts, and forums
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Confusing site navigation

After serving the community for over 20 years, Adult FriendFinder has mastered it all when it comes to providing a superb online dating experience. With over 90 million members, it is impossible to sign off disappointed and dateless.

Its members are not only active in matching, but also building up their presence in the community. Adult FriendFinder encourages its members to have conversations and discuss various topics by introducing forums and interest groups. Are you into kinks and wild sex? Start with your group and get people to join for your weekly meeting.

You can also write about what is on your mind by utilizing its blog feature. Updating your status to reflect your current mood so a girl in a similar situation will respond to you. The group call and blog post features are fairly unique to Adult FriendFinder that sets it apart from the competition.

The site caters well to everyone. From young to mature, the site does not lack diversity. Be creative and be honest to connect with someone sharing your passion for sex and casual date.

All the cool features on Adult FriendFinder are tempting, but also confusing at times. The site navigation is not very well-built. Some features are shown on the left side of the menu on one page, but the other side on another page.

The menu is not standardized across all pages and it takes time to explore to figure out how to go around this comprehensive site. To better organize its content and features, Adult FriendFinder should come up with a workable way to categorize all its content since it does offer a large variety of features.

What Do Girls Think About Dating A Tall Guy?

Sexy, very sexy.

Most girls have an almost unrealistic expectation of men. All the talks about being the perfect gentlemen, sweet and kind, are nothing if you do not have the face or body to support it. And if you are big and tall, congratulations, you are already winning in the game.

Regardless of their own height, girls seem to find taller guys much more attractive. To your advantage, you stand out from the crowd and make your girl feel she is protected. Many studies and even dating sites have published articles that girls tend to want to have a relationship with someone taller than them.

Assuming that tall guys would want someone of similar height and tall girls want someone taller, it is a natural progression that dating sites are filled with guys advertising their height.

Of course, there are things that might be less desirable if the height difference is too much or if you are way taller than average. Even if you belong to 1% of the population, you can still score the girl of your dreams if you follow the dating tips for tall guys.

Dating Tips For Big & Tall Guys

Your physical attributes can be both a blessing and a curse. Girls lust for your body because it is exceptional. At the same time, your physical differences can come as an obstacle when dating and building a relationship.

Big and tall guys are often mistaken for being dominant and somewhat scary. To present yourself as approachable, smile more and crack some jokes. Girls love it when a big guy is friendly and soft like a giant teddy bear. You do not want to come off as intimidating.

Utilize your body gesture. Move your arms around when you are sharing a story. Not only does it further elaborate your point, but it also makes the story more lively and adds to your personality. Be personal and show her the warmth underneath the six-pack.

Pick the right clothes to perfectly show off the body gifted by your genetics. Don’t waste the chance to let the world see what you have for them. Your date will be blown away when standing next to a well-dressed, tall, and big guy.

According to Psychology Today, most girls want to feel protected, particularly when they are big and tall. You give off that hero vibe most girls seek. Be a gentleman and you are already scoring off the chart compared to other shorter guys.

Final Thoughts

Consider your height as a blessing. It opens a lot of doors for you and draws you girls that adore you. Finding a match compatible with you may be hard in a bar or a blind date.

Therefore, going online ensures that whoever you connect with genuinely likes your qualities. Sign up on these dating platforms and get noticed by girls actively hunting for a big and tall guy like you!

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