Discover the 6 Best States for Hookup in the USA: A Comprehensive Guide

by John Santana

The perfect home consists of a lot of factors. For singles, being in a sex-crazed state is better than anything else. When you are considering relocating to the USA, you should know your chances in each state.

People’s attitudes toward hookups vary greatly in the country. In some states, people loathe casual sex, while in others, it is how modern love should be. Don’t show up in the wrong state to find your hookup.

These are the best states to get laid in the USA.

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Best States For Hookup In The USA

1. Rhode Island

Best States For Hookup In The USA

This ranking probably has surprised you already. Rhode Island wins the unlikely title of the best hookup state. This small state sounds quite exotic for most Americans as most of them have never even thought of traveling there.

Rhode Island is known for its beautiful east coast views. The stunning coastlines extend miles and miles along some of the best mansions in the country. In this tight-knit community, people are friendly and welcoming. They secretly want to leave the peaceful lifestyle behind to bang hot babes at underground raves.

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2. California

Best States For Hookup In The USA

Seeing California on the list should not surprise anyone. In this sunny state, people have a chill attitude toward hookups. Hooking up with anyone is a lifestyle. It does not make you undesirable in future relationships as it would have in religious states.

In California, parties go on all day. You will find unique festivals in one district and idyllic bird-watching events in another. The diverse population makes it possible for each group to find dates. Also, California is very LGBT-friendly. Pride activities are frequent with the support of local people. Everyone can be who they are in this happy state.

There are so many ways to find a hookup. Join a Pride parade, hit some local pubs, network on some dating sites…The options are endless in this land of wonders.

3. New York

Bustling and hustling are the synonyms of New York. You may think New Yorkers are horrible lovers because of their arrogance. Well, they are actually fantastic pickup artists. They know how to sweet talk to others, building up a lovely evening that you will always remember.

Since sexual minorities that feel rejected in their home states often flock to New York, this versatile state is another option for the LGBT+ community. Urbanears do not judge your origins. As long as you can show them a good time, they want to hang out with you.

4. Florida

Florida is a tourist state. There are probably more tourists than locals at any given point. Therefore, even though Florida is the best hookup state, you have a higher chance of hooking up with a visitor than a local. Tourists become wilder here by nature. They can unleash their inner desire as no one knows who they are.

The seaside state is blessed with sandy beaches. Tourists come here to relax. During a vacation, they tend to find hookups an indispensable part of their trip. There are no consequences as you will never run into each other again. For once, you can leave everything behind while holidaying.

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5. Pennsylvania

Best State For Hookup In USA

Pennsylvania is a hookup state thanks to its many world-renowned educational institutions. Students are the most fun-loving creatures. Where they are students, there are hookups. Studying in the period in life when there are no rules and limits. Students are not bound by the usual social standards. They can explore all possibilities in life.

You don’t have to be young to hook up in Pennsylvania. Just because students love hooking up does not mean students have to be young. Besides, workers in these educational institutions are easily influenced by the atmosphere. They are into casual sex as much as the students. If you are considering relocating for an education-related position, Pennsylvania is waiting for you.

Next time you are wondering about the academic state, have your online dating sites ready. Log in and snatch a few dates before you are in town. The competition is fierce. Everyone goes on several dates in a week.

6. Massachusetts

From this list, it would seem that most hookup states in the USA are situated on the east coast. Indeed, it is due to the influx of outsiders to these states, increasing the diversity and acceptance here more than in conservative states.

In general, Americans from other states prefer to choose these states on the east coast for job opportunities. Coupled with the international people, these states have a vibrant lifestyle.

Massachusetts is also the home of multiple prestige research institutions. Educational institutions seem to attract casual daters. In addition, the international professional environment in this state also gives way to all types of dating.

People are able to find a home away from home to experience something different. The hookup scene here is positive. People hook up with respect as there are fewer horror stories reported from hooking up with strangers compared to some other states.

People in Massachusetts are keen on online dating. Their busy schedule makes it hard for them to hit a party every night. Online dating site usage has surged, especially in recent years. Connecting with a compatible date in the most time-effective manner is alluring.

How To Hook Up With Someone?

How To Hook Up With Someone

After choosing the state, it’s time to practice your pickup lines. Picking someone up at parties is a possibility but to secure your chances, stay with online dating sites. It guarantees that you leave your house knowing that you will get laid tonight.

Typically, when you finalize the date on a hookup site, both sides know what will happen. That said, if you don’t seem to be charming enough, there is nothing stopping your date from leaving the restaurant. You don’t want to be left hanging like that.

The key to hooking up is not to seem like you are desperate for sex. Granted, you are definitely here for the smooching but looking all horny is a big turn-off. Be cool about the date. Chat them up and start casual. On your first date, rushing into action can be intimidating.

Pick an activity depending on where you are. For example, if you are in Florida, hit the beach for a calm evening walk. Strike up a conversation about how long you plan to be in the state. Let the night progress naturally. Eventually, you will see the right moment to take them back to your hotel room.

Be clear about your intentions with this hookup. If you find someone attractive and open to the idea of dating them, at least tell them about it. Revealing your interest in dating them after the hookup can be stressful for the person as they may have never thought of it.

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Are These Hookup States Good For Relationships?

When a place is famous for having meaningless sex, it makes you wonder how your future relationships are. Don’t worry, although the states above are popular for hookups, they are still good for finding serious relationships.

Residents in these states usually have higher standards for their partners. They are less likely to settle just because they have reached a certain age. Compatibility matters more than age. They will only get married to their soulmates.

Sometimes, the line between casual hookups and dating is muddy. Establishing expectations sets the boundaries. You should discuss beforehand how this relationship would go. Is this a no-strings-attached relationship? Or are you using this casual relationship to see if you are compatible?

These states are great for a reason. People are more open-minded and willing to discuss options. Instead of being blind about expectations, setting everything straight puts everyone at ease. Raising your concerns is easy.

This would not be the case in some narrow-minded states with more conservative people. The thought of casual sex is so foreign that they believe you are a slut because you want to sleep with someone before marriage.

Best Online Dating Sites To Hook Up

Online Dating

Online dating sites are your best friends. Before you buy a travel guide about the best hookup states, you should know what you can do with the information. You can’t just show up in paradise expecting the universe to shower you with dates.

Being in those states only enhances your chances of getting laid. Still, you control your fate. The three online dating sites below are the top 3 most popular hookup sites in the USA. Millions of people use them to find new FWBs every day. Don’t be too late for the party. Join now so you don’t miss anything!


There are so many states to choose from. It is normal to be indecisive about which state to move to next. At least for now, if the hookup environment matters to you, you have these top 6 hookup states on your list. Better yet, you have the best hookup sites in the USA, wherever you are.

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