11 Best Friends With Benefits Dating Apps and Sites of 2024

by John Santana

While traditional relationships aren’t bad, sometimes casual sex is where it’s at. While there’s nothing wrong with treasuring connections with people you like, enjoying an FWB relationship with no strings attached can be just as satisfying. So, how do you find like-minded people to ensure you get the best FWB experience?

It turns out all you need is to find the right dating app to meet new people who are down to engage in hot, steamy sex with you. These online dating apps are dedicated to helping you match the kind of local people you want to create memorable experiences.

Below is a review of 11 of the best sites you can employ to search for pure, unadulterated fun. Each section breaks down the offerings available so that you can make use of these creative, free platforms. Without further ado, here’s the dating site list.

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Best FWB Websites of 2024

1. Ashley Madison


If there were ever a notorious FWB dating site, Ashley Madison would take the title. It takes a lot to be given the moniker of “the adultery site.” This site makes matches out of people who intend to spend some time having a spicy affair. Therefore, friends with benefits encounters are intended to be very discreet.

Users get a great extent of privacy, and there are a lot of people online to see. Just muster up the confidence to start a chat with one of the many other users that desire casual sex as much as you do.

The user interface is very well-designed. The FWB dating has a set of great features. These include sharing travel plans with people before you visit their cities, an impressive profile search feature, user confidentiality protocols, and a feedback system for users.

Ashley Madison is a great choice if you’re bored and you are looking to meet local singles online for an FWB encounter.

Find Discrete Hookups - Try Ashley Madison

2. Tinder


It’s almost as if Tinder was pretty much expected to be here. The Tinder platform is known for its casual hookup workflow. Casual sex is the order of the day, and Tinder brings you together with many potentially available friends with benefits. If you don’t have a FWB Tinder story, it’s time to get on the app and start looking.

Tinder supports mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, so that you can find friends with benefits on the go. If you need more than the free Tinder experience, you can sign up for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold for the pure experience with no restrictions.

You should ensure that you view the Tinder privacy policy that’s available for you to read. Additionally, always keep the Tinder app updated to the latest version on Android or iOS for the best experience.

The Tinder workflow is simple as you indicate which members you appeal to you by swiping right on their profiles. If someone swipes the same way on your profile, too, it’s a match. Once you match, you can take the time to talk and learn more about each other ahead of the friend with benefits developments.

You can sign up on Tinder with your e-mail address and phone. Alternatively, Facebook supports Tinder integration, so you can log in with your Facebook account to start meeting the many horny users for a hookup. Note that you can monitor Tinder’s permissions from inside the said Facebook account.

3. Adult Friend Finder


You can bring up the friends with benefits app concept without Mentioning Adult Friend Finder. It stands as one of the largest casual platforms on the internet. You can find users looking for all kinds of arrangements, including couples who like to share themselves, people who desire polygamy, horny singles, etc.

The site has gone through a couple of version changes, but it’s still about finding people to spend time hooking up with. Adult Friend Finder is like a Facebook in the online FWB app world, which means that you must make sure that your profile is detailed if you are looking for compatible matches.

The site’s features help you to find people who are also looking for casual sex encounters. Of course, you can enjoy it for free, and there’s even support for your Android device. It shouldn’t take very long for you to get down to the bedroom business with this FWB app on your side. Of course, the “contact us” section offers all the support you need.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder

4. NoStringsAttached


As the name implies, this is another one of the many FWB apps for those who are interested in finding a casual hook up. Like Ashley Madison, NoStringsAttached allows real married men and women to search for a new person to enjoy sexual fun with. The profiles are designed to hold all the information you need.

You can locate those you may desire a sexual date with by using profile information like you would on Facebook. Assuming you’re going about finding hookups right on the FWB dating app, it shouldn’t take you more than 24 hours to find someone good to talk to. If you really play your cards well, you can get to know the person intimately well.

The feature set is amazing, as you can browse videos, use webcam services, watch models, do private calls, etc. Unless you don’t need an NSA to hook up, it’s a no brainer to sign up on this dating app.

5. OkCupid


OkCupid is another one of the top dating apps you can use to make new friends with benefits connections. There are many review pieces about OkCupid, and they tend to range from good to great, which is a testament to the pure success the site has been having since 2004.

There’s no niche with OkCupid, so users are looking for various relationship types, such as friends with benefits, relationships, affairs, etc. You could even consider using OKCupid for finding someone to watch your favorite rom-com with. The profile design is straightforward, and it’s not hard to find matches and make contact with local users.

Furthermore, OKCupid implemented a question and answer system that further ensures good matches are created. You don’t have to worry about finding optimal people for a casual hook up with this app in your corner.

You also get a nice feature set with OKCupid, which should keep you using the app for the foreseeable future. You can message users, do precision profile searches, play games, exchange media, etc. OkCupid gives you all the tools to assist you in finding casual sex from local members.

Get into the OkCupid experience by creating your free account on one of the best hookup apps around.

6. Seeking.Com


The available users who match with each other on Seeking.com aren’t looking for anything too serious. This app is dedicated to the sugaring niche. If you read the site’s policy for two seconds, you can tell what kind of relationships it fosters.

While it’s free for the sugar babies (attractive users), the sugar daddies (successful users) have to pay to make sure they can secure a date with the hope of taking it somewhere further. While users can use their subscription time to send chat messages, the FWB app is designed to promote a much quicker face to face meeting than others.

Like you can start with Facebook, you can use specific criteria to find the kind of members you are looking for. You can even take the app on the go and find a friend with benefits on your Android device.

If you are looking for a sugaring relationship on one of the FWB apps with real members, Seeking.com should be one of your first sign up options.

7. BeNaughty


Though the focus is on hookup sites for sex, BeNaughty happens to be a versatile platform for singles. Whether you want something long-term or not, you can enjoy BeNaughty your way. It’s a great app for those who want companionship, love, or just blazing-hot sex.

If you’ve tested out dating apps before, you may know of the normal imbalance that comes with using them. Typically, while all the members are active, there are more men than women. BeNaughty uses a pretty cool incentive to balance things by allowing females to communicate via messages for free.

If they want to message you first or if they want to reply to you, the financial barrier that normally poses a problem is a non-factor. As far as features are concerned, you can do media exchanging, view public photo albums, send messages, or use the superb and advanced profile search algorithm.

Feel free to sign up for BeNaughty if you like to keep your FWB options open.

8. Plenty of Fish


Plenty of Fish is another great dating app for finding friends with benefits for casual sex. The people on the platform are very active, making a person hook up with that much easier. Though there is no price tag, it’s a perfect dating app, and there’s a lot for you to see and enjoy per visit.

The profiles are complete with many relevant details to make the available people easier to filter for the qualities you enjoy. Plenty of Fish also has an Android version of its great online dating app, which means you can actively seek out hookups on the go. Remember to complete your profile for the best results, as finding appropriate matches depends on both users’ profiles.

Almost every new Plenty of Fish review is positive, and existing users know what the free dating app offers. Some of the good features available include the superb profile match algorithm, a cool matching type game, virtual gifts, access to streams, etc. This is one of those sites with a wide variety of users available for casual dating each month.

Of course, the only good way to get in on the action is to sign up first. How else are you going to send messages to those attractive singles?

9. HUD


HUD is a straightforward online dating platform for those looking for friends with benefits. It’s regularly updated, and it has an amazingly fast workflow. HUD is your source for local hookups if you’re too busy or don’t need a long-term relationship.

While the app does have a free version available that works very well, you may reconsider using it based on the limited features available. It’s not unusable but doesn’t expect quick matches, even if you’re ready to go all out. Apart from the free package, you may opt for a bronze, silver, or gold account.

Note that even though you get matches with people, the app doesn’t do one-on-one matches the normal way as Tinder would, for example. This is one of the dating apps that uses your location to match you with various potential friends with benefits. The idea is to assist you in finding someone local to bang.

It’s best to spend time using the app to find people you can actually reach. HUD offers some amazing features, including a blog for you to read, affordable STD checking, photo sharing, filtering, etc. The profiles are authentic, and you can make some great sexual memories after signing up.

10. Feeld


Here’s another of the dating apps that appeal to a niche. Feeld is an app that assists in creating friends with benefits interactions between open-minded singles and couples. It’s never a bad time to spice up your sex life using dating apps, such as these, after all.

There are numerous local profiles available in the app for you to browse for a couple of sexy friends. The design and general workflow make finding the kind of interactions you are interested in on the dating platform a straightforward goal. It works as if it were a social media hub for sex.

Feeld comes under the category of dating apps that get to the point. You’re present to find local partners on the app, and that’s what it helps you to do. To this end, the feature set only consists of messages, searches, and profile viewing. It’s as if the app has the rights reserved to the trademark for simplicity in the dating app scene.

If you seek a straightforward dating platform for finding local friends with benefits, a Feeld account may be what you need.

11. Pure App


The final of the friends with benefits apps on the list is known as the Pure app. It’s another of those apps that use a minimalistic design to help you get to the point without being too flashy. After all, the kind of friends you’re looking for on the Pure App isn’t expected to be around for the long term. So, why have a bunch of bells and whistles?

Interaction is straightforward, and the user base is consistently active. Note that it’s location-based, so the app doesn’t work if you don’t have your location services turned on. That this is a mobile app, and there aren’t many features to speak of but the basics. Still, the platform is very good at what it does, and you’d be missing out on a great thing if you neglect to create an account.

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