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5 Best Korean Dating Apps & Sites That’re Definitely Worth Your Time

by John Santana

Korea is a vibrant country with an incredible dating style for locals and expats. If you are visiting the country, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Meet a few locals and let them show you around town.

The best way to meet someone is through online dating apps. In this article, we have gathered some of the best dating apps in Korea.

Each of these apps will bring you endless dates and romance.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

5 Best Dating Apps & Sites  In Korea (2023 Update)

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Millions of international users for expats and locals wanting to meet expats
  • Lots of advanced filters
  • The platform is strictly monitored for user safety


  • The interface is not particularly enchanting

The No.1 most sought-after dating platform in Korea is definitely Adult FriendFinder. It may come as a surprise as it is not as widely known as other trending apps. But remember, most apps are successful because of the millions of dollars they put into marketing rather than perfecting the system.

Adult FriendFinder is truly dedicated to connecting lovers in this romantic country. Especially popular among expats, this dating service is the best channel for international dating. Whether you are an ex-pat looking to meet other curious minds or a local seeking an exciting fling, you will find it here.

The abundant daring variety means you will never run out of options. Adult FriendFinder is best at delivering diverse results. Whatever your dating goal is, you will find the right match. The advanced filters here allow you to identify your soulmate from afar. It specifically breaks down barriers to connect you with someone you have been looking for.

Unlike most online dating sites with loose security, Adult FriendFinder is famous for its top-notch monitoring system. Profiles are scanned and activity is frequently monitored to ensure users are being protected from cheaters. You can rely on it to screen prospective candidates.

If you are into the whole bustling dating vibe in Korea, Adult FriendFinder may be slightly disappointing due to its interface. It follows the traditional western style where functionality is ranked over visual elements. So, for those who are used to the lively Korean dating apps, this platform will take some time to get used to.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Perfect for flings and affairs
  • More female members as they can access premium features for free
  • Fast matching options available


  • Difficult to find long-lasting love

Not every romantic relationship leads to a happy ending. There are times when you just want to get laid. Ashley Madison is here to cater to this group of audiences in Korea. Although Korea is a very open-minded country, its dating culture is still relatively conservative. Hookups are frowned upon. Finding casual flings is not easy on a day-to-day basis.

Hence, Ashley Madison is here to change that. It is the perfect platform to seek affairs. Members are not looking to develop anything romantic. They are here for a good time and to have fun. With this common aim in mind, you will be able to meet lots of hot party people ready for a night out.

There are way more female members on Ashley Madison because they can access the premium features for free. It may sound unfair to men but that’s the app’s secret to retaining high-quality profiles. You will find millions of hot photos presenting all the wild souls alive in this country.

When you are feeling thirsty, you can do the fast-matching process to let the site automatically connect you with similar profiles that are currently online. It saves your time and allows you to head out for a date immediately. Some of the best hookup stories originated from here.

However, if you are looking to actually date, Ashley Madison is not quite the place. Everyone has emotional baggage. Members here are simply not ready to dive into another relationship. Don’t put your hopes in using sex to trade love. This place is not where fairytales come true.

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3. NoonDate

Asian Dating Tips


  • Designed by Koreans to deliver more compatible matches
  • Sleek interface and easy to use
  • High success rate


  • Complicated signup process
  • Only 3 matches for free members per day

NoonDate is a Korean dating app specifically for curious singles to meet other high-quality daters. Since it is designed by Koreans for Koreans, its matching algorithm takes into consideration what most Koreans look for in dating. Whether you want to date a foreigner or a local, the app will suggest profiles with the highest compatibility.

Its success rate is quite impressive. Most users will find interesting matches here. Going on a date with people from NoonDate is always fun. Besides, its sleek interface is simply a pleasure to look at. The whole surface is intuitive. You will figure your way out quickly. The adorable design matters a lot in Korea, where beauty often comes first.

Unfortunately, NoonDate is notoriously troublesome with its registration process. You are required to fill out page after page of personal information and details. An ID verification step is also required.

If you think you are fully rewarded after this lengthy process, think again. NoonDate only gives three free matches per day at noon for free users. Three is an incredibly stingy number for an online dating app. Despite its world-class algorithm, it will still take a while to finally meet someone promising.

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4. Wippy

Wippy dating app


  • Ideal for shy and introverted daters to make new friends
  • Members are professional workers or entrepreneurs
  • A thorough support system for users to report inappropriate profiles


  • Considerably more boring than other dating apps

Not everyone can handle the stress of online dating. You have to somehow sell yourself. It feels like a show sometimes. For those who find this process hideous, Wippy can be a pleasant change.

Not getting fixated on dating, Wippy encourages users to make friends rather than find dates. After all, the best romance often starts with a trusting friendship. That’s what this dating app is here for.

Members are mostly working professionals from various fields. You will meet ambitious entrepreneurs or passionate scientists from all walks of life. Since members prefer to take things slow, conversations are civilized and not rushed at all. You can enjoy deep and meaningful chats with others.

Furthermore, a thorough support system is in place for any distressed user. If you feel harassed at any point, you can report to the team immediately. There are usually team members readily available to give prompt assistance.

Wippy can be a good dating app for first-time users but is also duller than other vibrant platforms. Possibly due to its mild nature, members are not really getting much action here. Most talks do not evolve into actual dates. Your date becomes your penfriend in a way. It is not suitable for those wanting instant results and fast dates.

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5. TanTan

Tan Tan Dating App


  • Nearly 100 million users
  • Fun games to break the ice
  • Fun-loving singles looking for hookups


  • Very appearance-based

TanTan has a substantial member base to generate fresh dates every day. According to its official site, there are 100 million active users. You will surely find hot dates around you wherever you go.

Breaking the ice can be awkward when you are matching with someone you have nothing in common with. Hence, TanTan introduced a gaming feature for fresh matches to join a game together before they start chatting. It reduces stress for both sides and is an innovative idea.

TanTan attracts mostly young singles in their 20s looking for hookups. Members are not enthusiastic about starting a relationship, making it the perfect pick-up place. If you are looking for something a bit more serious, TanTan is not for you.

People on this matchmaking platform are also very appearance-oriented. Your quality and characteristics do not matter more than your looks. Only hot people get dates and you often get judgmental comments regarding your looks. It is a competitive ground and not necessarily a healthy one to be in.

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Dating Tips In Korea

Korean drama is taking over the world. Boys are glorified for being bossy, protective, and handsome studs, while women look absolutely stunning. However, many misconceptions regarding the Korean dating culture are spread because of TV.

In fact, dating in Korea looks nothing like Kdrama. Some TV shows wrongly romanticized controlling relationships, leading people to believe this is how things work in Korea. Relationships are very equal.

Although men are still bounded by traditional beliefs that they should initiate, women are not on the cold bench waiting to get picked. Modern women love making the move to show their partners how independent and strong they are.

Since Korea is still a bit male-dominated, men are indeed expected to pay the bills for the date. But it does not mean they “own” you in a relationship. In Korean culture, paying shows respect. Young couples these days choose to take turns in paying, making the dating game much fairer.

Casual dating is becoming much more popular among college students. You are not morally bounded to commit. People are free to try their chances and enjoy their wild days before they settle. Since starting a family is still deeply embedded in their culture, they do tend to slow down the partying pace in their late 20s.

Getting married and having kids are the goal for most Koreans, although they want to first enjoy life before settling down. Therefore, dating a Korean is all about timing. If you meet a young Korean, they are unlikely to want to be serious. They have a set pace in mind to follow.

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Best Date Night Ideas In Korea

Couple Dating

1. Go For a Walk Along The River

Wherever you are in Korea, you are never too far away from the sea. Taking a walk along the river bank is a romantic and affordable date night idea. Koreans love to fantasize about small details. You don’t have to take them out on a fancy meal to impress them.

A walk by the river shows is a sweet gesture. It shows that you are in no rush to take them home. Your date will feel how gentlemanly you are. Besides, it creates the best atmosphere for chatting.

2. Going To a K-pop Concert

The Korean music industry is a national gem. Everyone adores talented artists throwing extraordinary performances. Taking your date to a K-pop concert is the best way to get a feel of the Korean entertainment vibe while bonding over your mutual love for music.

Some concerts can be overly crowded so you might want to choose wisely. For your first date, ideally, you would want a calmer concert so you don’t end up losing sight of each other. It should give you plenty of time to chat afterward so you should not go for a packed event.

3. Sit In a Park

There are lots of green spaces in the country where nature lovers can have a nice picnic. Invite your date for the perfect evening stroll in the nearest park. Bring some snacks so you can sit on a bench and have a lovely conversation.

A nice date does not require much fuss. You don’t have to aim to spend hundreds of dollars to impress your date. Opening up and getting to know each other is the best way to win the heart of your match. Being in nature is soothing and creates a romantic atmosphere.

4. Visit Their Family

This is possibly a very off-putting notion for many people but it means a lot for your Korean partner. Showing up to a family dinner as a date night idea incorporates your love for their family. Your partner will appreciate your effort in trying to have fun with their family members.

Don’t think of it as a task. There are so many intriguing Korean traditions to experience. When a foreign guest is here, they will go the extra mile to have you try all sorts of new things. You will leave the house gaining so much knowledge of the country and its people.

5. Go To a Sporting Event

Korean sporting events are not as well-known but they surely have their merits. Try to sit for an ice-skating competition or something else. Pick a sport that you are interested in. The level of dedicated and delicate moves on this side of the world is mind-blowing.

Cheer for the team you support with your partner. Supporting the same team is always an excellent bonding moment for couples. They are instantly more fond of you if you love the same sport. Get up in your seat and scream your heart out when your favorite athlete is taking the lead.

Do Koreans Want To Get Married And Have Children?

Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels

While the tendency to see marriage as a necessity is dropping, most modern couples are still seeing it as a must before having children. Currently, young couples still believe in the notion of being married and starting a family. They do want to get married eventually.

Getting a divorce is quite shameful in the country. Therefore, people are very selective. They rarely choose a partner just to pass the time. When they are dating, they do see you as their future spouse.

Some couples can’t be bothered to fuss about getting married unless it is for tax purposes or child support. But there are lots of benefits to getting legally married before having children due to the subsidies you receive. Hence, most couples insist on getting married before starting a family.

Usually, being 30 is the turning point. It marks the age when you should take up the responsibility and leave the partying life behind. Very often, you see your Korean counterpart’s attitude change dramatically right after their 30th birthday. If they want to get married, this is when it will happen.

Koreans don’t like to be pushed. They stand their ground when they feel pressured. Don’t dream about changing their mind when they are not ready to settle. You can only wait to leave the relationship. They cannot be persuaded and there is no guarantee when they will feel ready.


Other than gorgeous-looking people and fantastic food, Korea has a lot more to offer. You should be discovering everything about this fast-paced country with the dates you find on these online dating apps. Check them out now and register to get the most benefits before the new year!

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