Stuck Alone On A Friday Night? Here are 14 Things to do

by John Santana

We all have been there at some point in our life – alone, abandoned, and depressed.

These are the worst kind of feelings especially when you don’t​ know how to deal with them.

But, if you know the ways you can turn a boring Friday night into an amazing night dedicated to self, and you know how to change loneliness into solitude…

Why would you care about others?

You don’t need to call those friends who ignore you to ask about their Friday night plans. There are plentyṣ of things you can do on your own.

Don’t stress out. You just need to find out where your heart belongs and what makes you happy, and you are good to go!

If you’re confused about how to spend a boring Friday night when you are alone, then we have some ideas for you which can turn your dull nights into a rocky one!

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Is It OK to be Alone on a Friday Night?

It’s a Friday night, you’re at home alone while you know people are out going on dates and partying with friends. It can be easy to feel a bit down in the dumps about this.

However, it is absolutely fine to be alone on a Friday night!

Having a Friday night free of social distractions is an opportunity for personal growth and enjoying some relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Learning to enjoy your own company is a skill that can be refined and developed!

Spending Friday night alone is perfectly normal – and with the right inspirations, it opens a world of enjoyable, and memorable possibilities.

Things to do on a Friday Night

When you really think about it, the things you can do when you’re alone on a Friday night are almost endless.

Sure, you won’t be able to play a match of competitive tennis – but there are many other activities such as cooking, at-home spas, and home improvement projects you can enjoy!

Here are some of our ideas:

1. Creative Hobbies to Explore

Everyone is creative, even if we do not know it yet. What better time to explore our creative side than when we have some time alone on a Friday night? Some creative hobbies that are best explored alone include:

  • Painting
  • Drawing (tip: YouTube tutorials are your friend)
  • Writing and journaling
  • DIY crafts
  • Photography
  • Pottery.

2. Cook a New Recipe

Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen, or can’t boil an egg to save your life- refinding (or finding) your culinary skills is the perfect thing to do on a Friday night!

What better way to be alone than with a glass of wine, listening to that song you just discovered, and cooking that recipe you’ve been meaning to try? Cooking is a joy and a skill that is great to build!

3. At-Home Spa Experience

There’s nothing better than pampering yourself after a long week! Light a candle, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy an at-home spa experience.

If you’ve been neglecting your skincare routine, now is a great time to pop on a face mask. Or, give your nails the attention they deserve while running yourself a hot bath!

4. Read a Book or Listen to Audiobooks

Need a way to unwind, but your mind won’t stop racing? Reading a new book or listening to an audiobook is a great way to keep your mind busy while relaxing.

There are many options for free audiobooks online, and they are a great way to read if you don’t have physical books on hand.

Whether you’re into some juicy mysteries or want to learn about geology, books are a great way to stimulate your mind – and they’re best enjoyed without the distractions of others!

5. Explore Online Courses or Workshops

Want to turn your solitude into productivity? What better time to add to your resume and to your knowledge than through online courses and workshops?

There are a huge number of online courses available in almost any topic you can imagine!

Some of our favorites include:

  • Khan Academy: Whether you want to know exactly what Einstein meant by relativity, or how the heart can beat outside the body Khan Academy has a course for you
  • Duolingo: So that you can refine your French, Japanese, and Russian wherever you might be!
  • CreativeLive: Have an online instructor teach you exactly how to use that camera that has been collecting dust.
  • YogaGlo: What better place to learn yoga than in the comfort and privacy) of your own home.

6. Gardening or Home Improvement Projects

Have you been neglecting that corner in the garden? Or maybe your window sills could use a new paint job!

There’s no better way to feel a sense of accomplishment than to work on your home and garden.

Feeling productive can counteract feelings of loneliness and can bring a positive spin to your Friday nights alone.

Some household improvement ideas include painting a room, decluttering a room or closet, and installing shelving to decorate a favorite area.

7. Take yourself out for a bike ride


Tired of opening and closing car doors for women? Yet, you end up alone?

Then it’s time to give yourself the kind of treatment you keep giving others.

Put on your badass biker jacket, buy the rocking helmet you always wanted from a nearby store, and take yourself on a long bike ride.

Explore new places where you’ve never been to, and revisit the old ones.

Bring along some beer and snacks and in the snap of two fingers, it will be the best day of your week.

Nothing can feel better than the cold waves of air touching your face.

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8. It’s the perfect time for some self-obsession

As it’s a Friday night and you are alone having no one to hang out with, it’s obvious everything around you will feel gloomy and sad.

You can contemplate the futility of life. Call yourself names for being a loser. Or blurt out abuses on your friends for not giving you company.

It’s a common habit when people sabotage themselves for being lonely and start considering themselves as too boring to have friends.

But when was the last time when you self-obsessed and thought you were the most amazing person ever?

If it’s been a long time since you did that, and your busy office life doesn’t allow you the time to invest in some self-love, then Friday nights are the best opportunity.

Do anything that will tell you how awesome you are!

Stand in front of the mirror and dedicate the most romantic song that no one ever sang for you.

Affirm you are the best. Try on your most sexy shirts and do a walk and obsess over how sexy you are.

Friday nights are the best to just be yourself and adore the person that you are.

9. Go to a Bar to Pick Up Girls


If it’s a Friday night and all your friends are out with their girls, I can’t imagine the levels of loneliness you might be feeling right now.

But Hey! Believe me when I say that being single is better than being in a relationship, I mean it!

While they are stuck with the same “Oh my love”, you can pick up on as many girls as you want!

Even if it’s the most typical place to attract women, bars still are your best shot when you want to try your hands on picking up gorgeous women.

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10. Binge-watching and Friday nights make the perfect self dates

Re-watch the old movies that remind you of the old good times.

Keep plenty of tissues handy because it’s entirely possible that you haven’t really grown up and will cry the same as you cried a few years ago at those emotional scenes where the heroine dies.

Apart from plunging into some nostalgia, have you ever heard your friends talking about a new web series that you have no idea about? And they kept chattering about the twist while you sat there silently as no such thing existed?

FOMO is real!

You also deserve the right to talk about the scenes and fake being cool in front of your friends.

Leave their jaws dropping by completing a full season of a web series in a span of just one day.

Grab some popcorn. And take out your favorite bottle of beer.

Do you even need anyone to make you happy?

11. Prepare your food for the coming week

This seems like a chore. But sometimes, self-care is hard and it doesn’t always mean a back massage.

Make a list of all the ingredients needed for making meals in the upcoming week. Stop at a grocery store and load your bags with the essentials.

Put some soothing or rocking music according to your taste while preparing meals that are tasty and healthy.

When you’re done, take some time to make a really healthy dinner for the night and finally go to sleep after having a productive night.

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12. Take this opportunity to Declutter your home and mind

Waste has clouded the aesthetics of your beautiful home.

Decluttering is very essential not only if you want to live in a healthy environment, but also for a healthy mind.

Organize the drawers and cupboards that have been messy since forever.

Now when you are done with the decluttering of your home, it’s time to declutter your headspace and get rid of some useless thoughts.

Take a diary and write all the things you are feeling right now. If you are happy, write a few lines of gratitude for them.

If something is troubling you, make a proper analysis to find its solutions.

13. Have you ever thought of taking your dream car for a test drive?


A lonely Friday night is an opportunity for you to make yourself happy. And I know your happiness lies in that car you gazed over the hot girl standing beside it.

Give yourself a rush of happiness by taking yourself to a test drive of your dream car. Of course, the sellers would not know your real intentions as you say “I’m just looking!” 😉

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14. Want to get laid?

Of course, you do!

It can be a really depressing night to be alone especially when you want to get laid.

It’s alright to feel this way. There are lots of men who are going through the same pain as you.

But you can use this Friday night to say a sweet and sexy goodbye to your pain.

What’s your rescue? Dating sites.

Yes, sign up on some famous online adult dating sites.

Hundreds of men have found their one-night stands, causal relationship and sex partners from these sites.

Once you sign in, you will find there are a number of attractive women waiting for you and also sharing the same thoughts as yours: No strings attached!

Then what’s the delay!

Sign in and you shall never spend another Friday night alone.

15. Play with your pet

It has been scientifically proven that petting a dog can cause your brain to release feel-good chemicals like endorphins, cut out the stress hormones, and help to lower your blood pressure.

Not only that, but it is also seen as effective in easing depression and creating a sense of well-being or pleasure.

So, alone on a Friday night and have nothing to do?

FYI, your pet dog is alone too.

And as it goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. You are not going to get a better company than your pooch buddy.

If you are a cat-person, it works perfectly fine.

Play with your pets because you need someone and they need you.

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16. Learn a new skill

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It’s the best time to learn the skills you always wanted to master.

Whether it was playing the guitar, being a pro with the drums, or learning a new language or even acing a few dance moves…

It can be anything you always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time for.

Guess what, now you have one whole night!

Use it to get back to your long lost hobbies or to be a master with a few more skills in your backpack.

17. When was the last time you gazed at the stars?

We often forget to savor the little things in life.

The best thing to do when the night sky is clear is to do some stargazing. Believe me or not, gazing at the stars can give you all the right kind of emotions.

Try to find and name some of the constellations.

If not, give your imagination some wings and think you are not alone as someone can be looking back at you from one of the stars.

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18. Facetime your family and friends

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

If you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted to go out on a Friday night, and yet crave some human connection, FaceTime will help you out.

Face Time a close friend who lives out of town.

You can also try surprising your parents and grandparents by appearing on their phone and laptop’s screens.

19. Do all the things you would do if no one was watching

With just you and your loneliness, no one is there to look at the amazing personality that you consider weird at times.

Do all the things you have always wanted to do in public but can’t because you thought it was not cool.

It can be anything stupid, or interesting.

Play your favorite music on the speaker. Keep the volume high and dance as if no one is watching (because they aren’t).

Show off your sexy moves you learned from Beyonce and shake off all the frustration with the rising tune of the song.

If you always dreamt of dedicating a song to your crush but could not because you are bad with vocals, give your inner Enrique some wings and sing at the top of your lungs.

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20. Hit the gym for an intense workout before sleep

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Nothing can be better in giving you a good night’s sleep than a hard-hitting workout. While others are drinking and losing their hard-earned money in casinos, grind yourself in the gym for a sculpted body.

The best thing is as it’s a Friday night; there is comparatively less crowd and you don’t have to fight for your favorite machines at the gym today.


If you are alone on a Friday night, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to feel lonely. Loneliness and Solitude are two different things.

It’s a proven fact that spending some alone time is reported to increase your focus and also gives you clarity on how far you have come in life and where you want to reach.

Friday night or not, you should always keep some free evenings for just yourself.

You will be astonished to find out the number of amazing things you can do alone and I am sure you will look forward to stealing some “my” moments henceforth.

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John Santana

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