8 Best Free Chat Line Numbers That Offer a Free Trial

by John Santana

Looking for ways to connect with hot singles over the phone? Not to worry anymore here some of the best adult phone chat line numbers that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, you can always avail of any of these adult phone chat lines for your benefit.

People are greatly changing their dating patterns. Nowadays, they are more into online dating since getting a suitable match is much easier here. Thousands of people meet regularly for dating, long-term relationships, or for simply hooking up.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Phone Sex Chat Lines Numbers

Who knew flirting over the phone with a stranger could be so much fun? And the best part is that you can get started with free trial. Now, let us go through the top phone chat line numbers for adults that are mentioned below:

1. Live links

Searching for local singles? Well, no worries live links chat line is here to ease your search. Live link will help you connect with the real and honest local people.

Now flirting over the phone is safe and the live link will help you meet new people. Get to instantly connect with like-minded people with the live link.


  • The Way Live Link Works

Live link gives a spark to the process of phone chat because this is the unique online single chat line. You no more have to exchange emails and text to flirt with the other single what you will have to do is randomly pick up calls and answer which makes it more interesting.

Live link provides innumerable phone numbers of a genuine single from your community and helps you enjoy the whole process of dating.

  • Why This Is Useful

The Live link chat line saves singles from the headache of constant scrolling through profiles to search for something better. This chat line is completely different and useful because this helps in making genuine conversations and thereby makes it easier for the user to judge the personality of the person over the phone. You must be thinking about the investment it needs? Well, then you must know that you get a free trial to choose from.

  • Live link Cons

The Live link is responsible only to introduce singles over the phone and whatever happens after the real meeting is not their lookout. Many users are of the view that live link should be used carefully as fraud calls do exist.

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2. Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat has become one of the most wanted chat lines among singles. This is an interesting chat line because singles will not have to worry about the problem of searching through profiles to chat. This is designed for singles who love to have a chat with sexy singles. (Also check out hookup sites for casual fun) The new way of flirting that they have introduced is very interesting because it is completely based on the chat line.

  • How Does It Work?

Live chat is the easiest way to use it. They provide with numbers of singles and all you have to do is create an account of yours and then search through numbers and give a call.

  • What Are The Benefits?

This particular chat line service is probably the, most wanted because of its free trial offers that it provides. Live chat brings in many profiles for the users to choose the best.

  • What are the Cons?

Among the several matches that live chat provides it is very necessary to trace the fake profiles.

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3. Tango persona

This chat line is the best among all the other adult chat lines present because it provides the users with several search filters to make their search a bit easier. It helps the users to get into genuine relationships and provides a perfect platform for romantic meets. This chat line is being used by many singles since ages and is popular in numerous North American cities.


  • How Does It Work?

Every user I required to set up their own voice post box and portray them for the other single to get an idea and then search for the type of relation there are in need of.

Tasngto personas help in making live connections between singles and provide the opportunity to keep a record of the first chat. Tango persona helps in searching for not only true love but also has successfully made strong friendships. They provide you with the full privilege to choose friends as well as true love.

  • What makes it different?

Tango persona is different from others because this is probably the online chat line that helps in making chat records. Users get the full benefit of talking to the other match limitlessly without interruption. The personal live connector of tango persons helps the users to listen to the other single over the phone.

The women have the full facility to enjoy free membership in tango persona. The users will not have to much to avail of the free call facility, they will have to provide code on the website and they will provide you with a number that you can use to call single.

  • What are the Cons?

The paid membership options have no refund facility and the website can only match men to women and women to men no other options are available.

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4. Mega Mates

Mega mates are the online telephone dating process where a wide variety of singles come and join because of its open access to all types of people.

This is a wide platform for lesbians, homosexuals, heterosexuals, gays, and others. Everyone looking for sexy singles that join mega mates get the best options here. Megamates provide many personal services to its users which help them get a perfect mate.


  • How does it work?

The use of mega mates is quite easy, the user is required to create a profile of its own and they will have to create a mailbox and maintain it accordingly.

The chat room in mega mate helps in browsing through various users who are using the telephone service. The users are required to accept the live chat invitations and then they are free to use all the other facilities. For example, sending and receiving messages from singles in their locality and also accepting calls from the singles.

  • What are the Benefits?

The main benefits of mega mates are the free facilities they provide. The free features are exciting and easier to use. Unlike all other chat lines which charge even for sending messages, mega mate has no such obstruction in dating.

They are free from paid messaging services; users are free to send any number of messages before they start a phone chat. It does not charge from the users before accepting invites for a live chat.

  • What are the cons?

There are many chances of fraud singles in the chat line process and it is advised to be aware.

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5. Vibe Line

Are you in search of a vibe with someone? Vibe line is here to satisfy all men and women with everything that they are in search of. It’s time you disclose all your feelings to the other one of your choice through telephone services. The African Americans can now pair up with like-minded singles in the vibe line.


  • How does it work?

Have a sex chat more interesting in the vibe line. A person who wishes to open an account in on vibe line will have to create a personal account and then get the local number that they will need while making calls. This telephone service helps in recording a greeting message for every chat. When a user finds the perfect choice they can make private talks and carry on the conversation as long as they want.

  • What makes it Different?

Vibe line telephone chat line provides the best services because it is a wide platform for all singles who can exchange voices to pair up. The voice chat is very much helpful as a user can get to know about the nature of the other single on the other side of the phone. The vibe line provides the safest chat line platform for singles where the users are comfortable enough to have a chat.

  • Cons of the Vibe line?

Like all other chat line service providers, the vibe line also provides many fake profiles that the users should be careful of.

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6. Fono Chat

This is the best chat line for North Americans where singles can come and join and start their journey of searching the perfect matches. The Fono chat services providers the users with two types of languages to choose from. A Message chat sometimes does not help in identifying fake profiles and hence with Fono chat users can hear the voice and then decide upon the originality of the person.


  • How Does This Work?

A user who first starts using this telephone chat service will have to create a personal profile where it is very much necessary to describe the actual age, gender, and complete biography of yours as this will help the other single understand you well before sending your request. Fono chat provides a hipline number to the users where they can call or help.

  • What Makes It Better?

Fono Chat is flexible and easy to use telephone service that makes the best pairs. Especially the free membership facility for women that they offer is incredible. The paid options for Fono Chat are easy and are composed of multiple payment options. And all the paid membership options are affordable.

  • What Are The Cons?

The only disadvantage of this chat line service is that it does not have wide options for users. For example, it only offers women to men matches and men to women matches, there is no scope of gay and lesbian matches.

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7. Talk 121

The major cities of the United States get to avail of this chat line service. Talk 121 provides the best and genuine profile matches to its users. The minimum age requirement for joining this chat line service is 18 years. The users of Talk 121 get the full privacy of their account.


  • How Does It Work?

The Talk 121 telephone service is very easy to use and does not create any obstruction during the use of the chat process. A new user will have to open an account and fill in all the details and once this is over the user will be provided with a code that they will have to type on the website to get a phone number. The number they are provided is only for the use of this chat line service.

  • What Are The Benefits?

A person who has a desire to join chat line services but often step back because of the various paid subscription will not have to worry much because talk 121 is less costly and the women are not required to even pay a single penny to use the service and men have a trial period. Every user gets access to send and receive a message from the other singles around them. The blacklist option makes this service much more popular among singles.

  • What Are The Cons?

The only drawback of this chat line service is that the users have to be very careful about the fake profiles they come across.

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8. The Moonlight Lines

The Moonlight line

Are you in love with late-night parties and talks? Ah! Then Moonlight lines can excite your mood. People are with the view that moonlight time is only for sexy and naughty talks but guys this is not the case, moonlight is perfect for romance and hence this chat line service has been introduced to initiate moonlight talking.

  • How Does It Work?

The only thing that users need to do is open an account and describe them well and then they will be provided with a phone number that I not traced and they can use it for this chat line service.

  • What Are The Benefits?

The benefit of this chat line service is that it offers a free trial for users and for women this i9s completely free to use.

  • What Are The Cons?

Like all the chat line services the users are required to be aware of the fake profiles that come while they browse.

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