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Last Updated on July 23, 2022

Are you looking for quick and easy sex? We understand, not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship – as an adult, dating is hard.  That’s not going to stop you from feeling horny, though. Casual sex is an alternative that offers simple, no-strings-attached sex.

You both get your rocks off and then go your separate ways. There’s no wondering whether or not you should phone, if you’re making a good impression, and so on. 

Finding a fuckbuddy is something that Hollywood portrays as being easy. Technically, it is easy – you meet up with someone you find attractive, and you go and have some fun. In reality, though, finding partners willing to offer no strings attached sex is hard.

Fortunately, you’re not alone, and the internet offers a simple solution to this problem – adult hookup sites. Unfortunately, there’re a lot of these adult dating websites out there, so which one do you choose?

In this article, we’ve narrowed down the best of the best adult dating sites.

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Best Adult Hookup Sites

With these free adult dating sites, finding a hookup is as simple as clicking a button. Are you ready to get laid tonight?

#1. Adult Friend Finder


This was one of the first sites to start offering this service. They first launched in 1996 and since then have been scoring points with those looking to score globally.  They must be doing something right because they’re one of the most popular adult dating sites.

If you want the site with the widest range of choices globally, this is it. This Adult dating site offers Swingers, Cougars, Threesome, and all the other adult stuff you can think of. If you’re a gamer, you’ll notice that the site works a lot like a gaming social network. It’s easy to use. You just register for a free account.

You’ll have to provide details so that the site knows your preferences. Registration doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Unlike some other sites, you can start messaging and arranging a hookup within minutes.

The key to standing out here is to take some time with your profile. Make sure that you complete as much information as possible. Do post a good profile pic, one that helps to show off some of your assets.

The site has a range of cool features. You can, for example, rate other users and send virtual gifts if you’d like. Once registered, you can also start viewing cam feeds in the chatroom and see the sexually explicit content on the site.

#2. Ashley Madison


This is one of the top adult dating websites. Registration is free, and there are no monthly fees. That said, you will need to buy credits if you want to access the premium features. Is it worthwhile? The site gets over 25 million hits a month.

So, not only are there a lot of members, but they’re fairly active as well. This increases your chances of finding someone quickly and easily.

The intuitive interface makes using the site easy. It gets down to the nitty-gritty fast. You can get very specific when it comes to completing your interests and what you want sexually.

You are not required to add in a photo or a bio, but we recommend doing this anyway. People are less likely to choose a profile that doesn’t have a photo. After all, who wants to arrive at a hookup expecting an 8 and meeting with a 2 or 3 instead?

Putting your photo on makes sense. If you don’t people will wonder why you didn’t.

The site has adult chatrooms and allows you to send out friend requests. Things get pretty spicy on this hookup website, so make sure that you check it out.

#3. BeNaughty


BeNaughty is another site that focuses on facilitating hooking up. Whether you’re want to meet someone in person, or just want a sex chat, you’re covered. Registration is free, but if you want to connect to someone, you’ll need to get a premium account.

The premium package stays in place until you cancel it.

This site gets over 17 million hits in a month. There’s plenty of activity and a lot of new users signing up daily. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to meet new people.

The overall look of this site is interesting. The layout is clean and clutter-free. It’s easy to navigate from one page to the next and finding what you’re looking for is simple.

It is available globally, but if you’re outside of North America, Europe, or Australia, the options start declining. Over time, this will probably change. On the upside, you don’t have to pay a cent until you actually want to connect.

This makes it the most risk-free option that we’ve reviewed today. It’s also the best when it comes to online adult chats. So, if meeting someone face to face isn’t in the cards for you tonight, then you can at least check in by video.

#4. FuckSwipe


You’ll be able to register for free. It’s quick and simple – you’ll be scrolling to find a friend very quickly. You do get to test-drive the site and then decide if you’re interested or not. The free option is more generous than most sites but has limitations.

You get a limited number of photos and no access to cam footage. Once you’ve signed up, you can either browse profiles or go to the online group. The advantage with the latter is that there’s always someone else in there looking for the same thing you are.

If you’re not too picky, the online group can easily put you in touch and help you find a fuckbuddy. Otherwise, why not try the cam chats and have a quiet, sexy evening?

The premium features include:

  • Being able to access cam footage
  • Unlimited photos
  • Featuring in the top results – You aren’t likely to see a free account holder at the top of the results
  • And a lot more besides

It’s great if you like things to be uncomplicated. This site also offers anti-scam protection. The site owners are also pretty good at identifying fake profiles. This site gets our vote for the best customer support.



Some adult dating websites try to pass for online dating sites. That’s a pain in the butt when all you want is a quickie with a stranger. Users might be there for casual one night sex, but everything takes a lot longer.

You’ll have to talk to a prospective date and try to build a relationship. If you get on, then maybe you can progress to sex. This is fine if that’s your end goal, but if you would rather hit it and quit it, why waste all that time? 

Fling cuts through all the bullshit and makes no apologies for hooking up horny people. The site encourages members to experiment with new sexual experiences. Always wanted to be gang-banged? The site will put you in touch with similarly-minded people.

This site suits people who are comfortable with their own sexuality. The profile pics leave little to the imagination in most cases, so if you want to see what you’re getting, it’s all out there. Naturally, you’ll be expected to be more than just a voyeur, so if you’re not confident, steer clear.

The site does also has live sex cam feeds. So, whether your goal is one on one action, or to have some fun online, you’ll get what you need here.



If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is one of the best sites. This is a popular site with tons of users. If you can’t find someone who turns you on here, you’re not looking hard enough. The site is aimed at the younger, cool set.

Registration is free for all users and women can message men for free. So, if you’re after a gorgeous woman, make sure that your profile is on point and that you use a great photo. Then set your preferences and you can choose to be the hunted or the hunter.

Either way works well on this site.

Everyone on the site has the same goal – to get laid. That makes the flirting all the more fun because you know it’s likely to end in the bedroom. Turn on the charm with the cheesiest pick up line you can think of. Or, just come out and say that you want to fuck. It’s that simple.

You do get access to personal cam feeds or choose to communicate through private messages. Why waste time worrying about putting together the perfect outfit when you won’t be wearing it for long anyway?

With, you can be as forthright as you like and get down to business.


So, you’re on one of these sites, and you see this gorgeous babe. You message her and find out she’s keen on you. You both decide to meet up. It’s all good, right? Until you find out that she lives halfway around the world.

While a lot of these sites do allow you to narrow down the area, none do it quite as well as It helps you to find someone who’s fuckable and who lives in your area. You can browse the site to look for candidates in your area for free.

If you actually want to message them, you’ll have to pay. Fortunately, you get to look around before you need to commit to a subscription. Have a good look around the site and then decide. We’re sure you’ll find something that you like here.

The site’s features are a bit more basic than some of the others, but considering your goal here, that’s not a bad thing. Overall, the site is simple to navigate and easy to register for.

It has a large membership base and is growing every day. Who do you know on the site? The only way to find out is to check it out for yourself.

#8. LocalHookup


Technically, this is an online dating app. That said, there are a lot of people on here who just want to have some fun. It looks for people who match your basic criteria nearby you. You can then chat, or decide to meet up.

The basic app is free, but if you want access to more advanced features, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription. What we love about this site, though, is that you get unlimited messaging privileges. The only caveat is that you and your chosen partner have to be a match.

From there, it’s a simple matter of swiping if you like the person. If both of you swipe, just like on Tinder, you’ll be able to message one another. So, if you’re upfront when filling in your preferences, you’ll quickly be paired with someone who is also looking for a good time.

We like the fun look and feel of the app. The focus is where it should be – on the photos. As apps go, this one does allow an unusual number of photos to be uploaded. So, take photos from each of your best sides and show off a little.

Be bold, and you’ll go far here.



You can either use the site or the mobile app here. This is technically another dating site, but you can specify that you are looking for a no-strings-attached encounter. The site is focused on singles want to get some action.

It has sections for:

To use the site, you do have to register. It takes a few minutes and then you can start looking at potential candidates. The sight makes it as simple as possible to find your way around. You don’t want to have to wait, and they don’t believe you should.

The site is active and has a wide variety of members. You can run a basic free profile, but that won’t allow you to message everyone. You can check out the site and make sure it’s for you before you upgrade to a premium package.

The site doesn’t force you to put a photo onto it. As you already know, not posting a photo is a mistake. No one is going to want to meet someone that they haven’t even seen a picture of. Some profiles don’t have picks, but you can easily filter those out.

Wrapping Up

Relationships take time and effort. You have to worry about the other person’s feelings. You have to do things together. What happens if you’re not interested in putting all that effort in, though? What if you don’t want to be in a committed relationship?

Then check out the sites that we’ve listed above. They’re great for matching you to people who think the same way that you do. If you want to have fun, hassle-free sex, and not to have to call in the morning, this is the best way to go.

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